Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Danglas Abra

We had our Family Reunion @ Dagsian Abra

This is the place where I learned the language of Ilocano

(click the pic below to view the pictures)

Velvet Greens

Reminiscing the old memories.....
This is my favorite scenery in our village since I was a kid. So peaceful and relaxing. I see it as an artistic panoramic view, picture perfect. When I was a kid I'm walking along the aisle of the rice field with my dog named Serbando. He's a white hairy dog just like Patrash in Dog of Flanders. I'm so inspired I copied Nelo's lifestyle from the cartoons, I always bring a sketch pad and start practicing life sketching and drawing landscapes. I wont be able to do that now. It looks stupid seeing a grown up man sitting on the grass for several hours wasting time doodling on papers. But still I could practice techniques of natural photography here now that I have gadgets with me.


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